“Until I met Biss, I had never been excited about a gubernatorial candidate.”

Until I met Daniel Biss, I had never been excited about a gubernatorial candidate. Daniel shares my vision for making Illinois a state that works for all of us, not just the rich. He wants universal health care for all Illinoisans, and he believes we should treat addiction like a public health crisis. Daniel boldly supports free higher education and fully funded human services, and he knows that if we we if make corporations and the very rich pay their fair share, Illinois could afford to make all these important investments in our communities.

I work for a social service agency, and every day I see the impacts of a state budget that protects tax breaks for corporations and the very the rich at the expense of children and families, schools, infrastructure, and the social safety net. My organization provides help for people who are homeless or on the brink of homelessness, but state budget cuts mean that most people who need our help cannot get it. These programs are essential and life-saving, but they have been systematically starved of resources by corporations and the very rich who wield all their political power to protect their special tax breaks.

As a State Senator, Daniel Biss has been a vocal supporter of Fair Economy Illinois’ People and Planet First Budget, a budget that would raise $12.5 billion in revenue by closing corporate tax loopholes, switching from a flat income tax to a progressive one, and taxing the high speed trading of futures and commodities on LaSalle street.

Our lives and the wellbeing of our communities depend on exercising enough political power to elect Daniel and others in down ballot races who reject austerity and believe government is indeed responsible for investing in our collective wellbeing, including making extra investments in communities of color and poor white communities as well as policies and services that promote racial and gender equity.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign demonstrated the hunger Americans have for middle class elected officials who are ready and willing to challenge corporations and the very rich. But the truth is that it will take a movement to reclaim our government. Reclaim Chicago has endorsed Daniel Biss for Governor of Illinois because he doesn’t want to just win this campaign, he is helping build the movement we need to reclaim Springfield for the people of Illinois.