We Endorse Daniel Biss for Governor in the Illinois Democratic Primary on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Daniel Biss is not a billionaire. He worries about balancing the cost of living with saving for his children’s college education, and he understands that the necessities of life are out of reach for far too many families. Daniel knows first hand what a difference it would make in our lives to fully fund public education, to make public universities tuition-free, and to have a Medicare for All system that would free us from the financial crisis that almost always accompanies a health crisis. Daniel is committed to closing corporate tax loopholes and making the very rich pay their fair share so that Illinois can afford to make these investments in our lives and our communities.

We simply can’t afford four more years of a governor who has a direct self-interest in preserving the status quo or — worse yet — making money from budget cuts and the privatization of our public goods and services. The status quo looks like this: big-money donors deciding elections, two-thirds of corporations paying NO income tax in Illinois, and millionaires and billionaires paying the same income tax rate as the rest of us. We pay for this status quo through cuts to education, cuts public health, cuts the social safety net, and crumbling infrastructure. We need a governor who knows our challenges and will fight for our communities. We need Daniel Biss.

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“Until I met Biss, I had never been excited about a gubernatorial candidate.”

Daniel is running to make Illinois work for all of us, not just the rich. Daniel knows we need universal health care, and he believes we should treat addiction like a public health crisis. Daniel boldly supports free higher education and fully funded human services, and he knows that we if make corporations and the very rich pay their fair share, Illinois could afford to make all these important investments in our communities. READ MORE

— Kelly Grimes, 35th Ward Resident & Social Services Supervisor

“Too many people are suffering in Illinois.”

Last year, more than 700 people died from gun violence, including two of my loved ones. And many of the patients I care for in the dialysis unit at Stroger Hospital end up in kidney failure because they don’t have access to the basic health care that they need. Daniel knows Illinois can do so much better: He is the only candidate embracing Bernie Sanders’ commitment to reclaim government from billionaires and corporations and to embrace Medicare for All. READ MORE

— Martese Chism, Registered Nurse

“The answer to disinvestment is investment.”

When Reclaim Chicago asked Daniel what he would do for communities suffering discrimination and disinvestment, his answer was straightforward. Daniel has moral clarity, but he also has granular knowledge about the policies our communities need. I am proud to support Daniel Biss for governor so that together we can reclaim Springfield to serve the people of Illinois instead of big corporations.

— Andre Vasquez, 40th Ward Resident & Community Organizer