Reclaiming Local Government from Corporations and the Wealthy

Reclaim Chicago is a people-led movement devoted to reclaiming Chicago, Cook County and Illinois governments from the grip of corporate interests and the very wealthy. Reclaim Chicago believes government should be the means for ensuring justice, promoting equality and improving the lives of all people.

Reclaim Chicago endorses, elects and holds accountable elected officials who put the needs of people and the health of our planet above corporate profits. Just as importantly, Reclaim Chicago organizes grassroots support in between election cycles for strategic campaigns against income, racial and gender inequality.

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“Reclaim Chicago supported me early on.”

“I’m very appreciative of Reclaim Chicago. When I first started running for state’s attorney, it was clear that they were an organization I needed to be aligned with. They have an uncompromising belief that we can have a system that is fair and just and rooted in progressive values, and they went all hands on deck for me long before the race became as prominent as it did.”


— Kim Foxx, Cook County State’s Attorney

“I was elected to Chicago City Council because of Reclaim Chicago.”

“I was elected to Chicago City Council because of Reclaim Chicago. They knocked doors, and they made sure that people in my district knew about my campaign. I’m so proud to be part of this movement of people building power to hold elected officials accountable. We don’t want elected officials who are accountable to billionaires and corporations. We want elected officials who are accountable and connected to the community they represent, to the working families in their districts.”


— Carlos Rosa, Chicago’s 35th Ward Alderman

“Reclaim Chicago is driven by progressive values.”

“And Reclaim Chicago supports candidates who share those values. When I ran against an entrenched incumbent, Reclaim Chicago provided the support on the ground we needed to win. Every weekend, in one of the coldest winters in Chicago history, Reclaim Chicago members knocked doors, talking to voters about our shared values. We’re still knocking on doors together about the issues that matter in state government. That kind of continued organizing has empowered me to be a bold progressive in the state legislature.”


— Will Guzzardi, State Representative, IL-39