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Getting Big Money Out of Elections

Our campaign finance system is broken. Campaigns have become far too expensive, leaving candidates beholden to a handful wealthy donors and the special interests. The Chicago Fair Elections Ordinance is a small donor match campaign finance program that will increase competition among candidates and political participation. SIGN THE PETITION supporting this ordinance.

Taxing LaSalle Street

In order to maintain low tax rates for corporations and the rich, our elected officials have used revenue that should have been invested in public pensions to cover the costs of Illinois’ most basic responsibilities. That unsustainable choice has finally reached a crisis point. But Illinois doesn’t have to be broke. Our elected officials could fund a “People and Planet First Budget” by closing corporate tax loopholes and passing the LaSalle St. Tax. SEND A LETTER to your Illinois state representative today!

Ending Mass Incarceration

The crisis of mass incarceration is a product of policies that amount to systemic racism and economic inequality, threatenening the lives of Black, Brown, and poor people. Cook County needs a bold vision that puts public health, treatment, and rehabilitation first. It’s time to end monetary bail and bring more oversight of police our broken judicial system. SIGN THE PETITION to support our monetary bail reform legislation.