About Reclaim Chicago

Electing People Who Share Our Values

Reclaim Chicago endorses, elects and holds accountable elected officials who put the needs of people and the health of our planet before corporate profits. Our grassroots members lead a rigorous endorsement process and dedicate thousands of hours to talking with voters about our values and endorsed candidates.

Recruiting, Training and Supporting Progressive Candidates for Local Offices

Reclaim Chicago is committed to recruiting, training and supporting people from our communities who share our values and our analysis to run for office. We run in-depth training on the nuts and bolts of running for office.

Fighting for Economic, Racial and Gender Equality

Unlike traditional political parties who close up shop after each election, Reclaim Chicago builds power in between election cycles by organizing grassroots support for public policies that increase investment in our communities and reduce income, racial and gender inequality. Click here to view current issues.

Building Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution in the Greater Chicago Area

Reclaim Chicago launched November 2014 to endorse and mobilize grassroots support for progressive candidates in Chicago’s March 2015 municipal election. Reclaim Chicago members spent almost 10,000 hours reaching out to voters about our values and endorsed candidates. We were instrumental protecting Chicago’s progressive caucus from big money attacks by Rahm Emanuel. Every single sitting progressive was re-elected, and we elected three new progressives to city council.

In June 2015, Bernie Sanders launched his historic campaign for president. Reclaim Chicago was quick to endorse Sanders, Kim Foxx for Cook County State’s Attorney and several other progressives running for the state legislature. We agree with Sanders’ analysis each of us must take responsibility for the future of our country by running for office, supporting people who share our values as they run or by fighting for public policies that put power back in the hands of people rather than corporations and wealthy campaign donors.

Learn More about Reclaim Chicago’s Supporting Organizations

Reclaim Chicago is supported by The People’s Lobby and National Nurses United. The People’s Lobby organizes people at the grassroots on issues ranging from austerity and budgets to mass incarceration, good jobs, climate change and campaign finance reform. National Nurses United, with 6,000 Registered Nurses in Illinois and close to 185,000 members across the country, is the largest union and professional association of RNs in U.S. history.

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